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Urban Designs and Development is a Kansas City area builder specializing in outdoor living, custom decks, sunrooms, patios and commercial and residential construction.

Our goal is to be the premier construction company in Kansas City, providing home owners and businesses with the best contractors in the industry. We offer the highest quality craftsmanship, standards, products, and services for all our valued customers. We will not only meet the needs of our evolving clientele, but also exceed their expectations. We have developed an integrity based business that is able to evolve and grow at a sustainable rate. We pride ourselves in providing beautiful custom designed projects that will fit the exacting specifications and discerning tastes of our diverse customers. Most importantly, our projects add value to homes and businesses while cultivating a far-reaching professional relationship.

Our Mission

For Our Homeowners

To provide an efficient and reliable source to connect you with a quality contractor for all your home improvement needs. At Urban Designs and Development, LLC, we believe in professionally delivering a superior product to our valued customers. Not only will our projects compliment your home’s surroundings, but also extends your living space ®. Together, we will design a project that takes into consideration your family’s immediate requirements, expectations, and future needs. This will result in a functional design that will work congruently with your home’s unique architecture and landscape. We will assist you in bringing forth personality to your project and adding value for to your home.

For Our Business Partners

To deliver a consistent and reliable service by which they can grow their business. We provide on-going training, internet presence, technological advancements, contractor connections and the on-going support needed to expand their business.

For Our Employees

To provide an exceptional job opportunity and work environment. We embrace the corporate culture whereby every employee fully understands our ethos. We are a corporation that offers substantial earning potential, continued skill development and a competitive learning environment. We try to prepare our employees for every possible situation that may arise and encourage each individual to think independently and grow with the company.

Our Values

Respect the individual. Deliver what you promise. Give your best always.

Urban Designs and Development, LLC holds a Class-A General Contractor’s license. Our members have passed the rigorous International Code Council’s Contractor Trades Examination (ICC), International Building Code (IBC) and the PSI Licensure exam. In addition, we also meet the individual county licensing board requirements.

Complexities Of Continually Evolving Individual County Codes And Regulations

All Class-A Licensed Contractors (license program qualifying individuals) must have a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education per year, per license. At least 4 of those 8 hours must be code or specialty code education courses. Therefore, you can rest assured that Urban Designs and Development, LLC is up to date on all the complex code and county requirements of your state. Urban Designs and Development, LLC is qualified in all facets of construction and prepared to facilitate all your needs.

We understand the importance of trust in a contractor-client relationship. Our clients rely on us to serve ethically and responsibly on their behalf. We recognize our obligation for adhering to individual county codes and regulations. It is our responsibility. We make this a priority, which is why we strive to exceed county regulations in all areas.

We have an excellent track record. We possess a record of integrity, expertise and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence is proven by the fact that returning clients account for almost one-third of our annual business. Our clients value the relationship we build and recognize our commitment to quality, budget, schedule, and professionalism. Clients who work with us for one project return to Urban Designs and Development, LLC for all their future construction needs.

County Permits

Once you have chosen Urban Designs and Development, LLC as your builder, we schedule the work and render architectural drawings with the exacting specifications of your new project. In order to obtain the proper permits, we submit all plans and necessary documentation to the county commissioner. Once we have acquired all the necessary permits, we will deliver all supplies; begin the work, schedule footing inspections, framing inspections, as well as, the final inspections. The scope of every project is different, so the approach varies. Dealing with county requirements and bureaucracy can be very exasperating. We will be there for you every step of the way. We will handle all county requirements and ensure the process flows as smoothly as possible. Much of the satisfaction of a project lies in the planning and designing stages. We would never deprive you of the gratification, but instead we will facilitate it. We have streamlined the procedure to make the process as headache free as possible.

Industry Changes and Innovation

We are involved in an exciting and dynamic industry. We continually stay up to date on all new products and technological advancements. We are knowledgeable in many areas and always deliver the industries latest and best. We strive to stay informed so you will be informed.

Our company is well-established in Kansas City and we proactively seek out the latest technological advancements to incorporate into our business. We incorporate innovations such as computer aided design (CAD), satellite mapping imagery, GPS locating devices, and smart phone and tablet-based messaging in order to improve on quality and efficiency. Our old-world philosophy of customer service does not preclude us from leveraging new-age technology. The construction industry is exciting, dynamic and constantly evolving. In order to improve performance, we remain abreast of all new product, technologies and methodologies. We appreciate your interest in Urban Designs and Development, LLC. If you want a construction company with a proven track record of quality, integrity and trust, please call us at 913-261-8320 or submit our request an estimate form. We welcome your questions and look forward to beginning a far-reaching business relationship with you.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

By far the most pleasant experience I have had to date with any professional home buildingserivce/purchase...

Nick N.

We are extremely happy with our new screened-in porch. Khoi and his crew do excellent, high quality work...

Paula W.

"Our absolute attention to detail comes standard. We believe that every job should be done right the first time. with over 40 years of combined experience, you can be sure that Urban Designs & Development, LLC is the right choice for all your construction projects."