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An outdoor fireplace can add elegance and style to your outdoor living space. A warm fireplace is a great spot to gather on a cool Kansas City evening. We offer custom design and installation for a variety of stone fireplaces and fire pits.

Outdoor fireplaces are durable and built to withstand the harsh weather elements often seen in Kansas City. These stone fireplaces also provide natural beauty and are perfect for extending the outdoor season. Urban Designs and Development offers professional design and construction for outdoor fireplaces. We offer a huge selection of stone and material types in a large assortment of colors, shapes and textures. We can help you select a stone color and texture that will enhance your landscaping and fit naturally with the aesthetics of your home. Call us at 913-261-8320 to learn more about adding a fireplace to your outdoor living area.

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Custom Fire pits

The Kansas City climate often demands a warm fire to keep your outdoor living space comfortable. We design and build custom fire pits configured around your home and landscaping. Fire pits can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Fire pits can burn wood, run off of gas or use a combination. Wood-burning fire pit have a natural feel and allow you to burn different types of wood for fragrance. Many enjoy the sound of a crackling wood fire and feel of the random flames.

Gas fire pits provide a consistent flame that works well even in the Kansas City winds. There's also no ash to clean up with gas. Burners are typically hidden under lava rocks or stones to provide a more natrual fire feel.

Weather you choose gas or wood, a fire pit is sure to enhance an evening outdoors. We can help you select a fire pit based on your family size, children's ages, pets, entertaining goals and budget. We'll also help you choose a material, color and texture that will add to the beauty of your home and provide a safe and natural setting to enjoy a fire.

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Outdoor Firepit

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

By far the most pleasant experience I have had to date with any professional home buildingserivce/purchase...

Nick N.

We are extremely happy with our new screened-in porch. Khoi and his crew do excellent, high quality work...

Paula W.

"Our absolute attention to detail comes standard. We believe that every job should be done right the first time. with over 40 years of combined experience, you can be sure that Urban Designs & Development, LLC is the right choice for all your construction projects."